Infection Control


At PSI, we offer ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) certification to all employees and ensure that all workers on sites requiring infection control have undergone at least twenty four hours of training. We understand that construction in occupied facilities requires special care, and we have the decades of experience needed to successfully maintain the safety of all parties present.

Our ICRA certified personnel are trained to work safely in the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), including coverall suits, shoe covers, head covers and masks or other breathing equipment when applicable. The careful use of this equipment helps keep everyone safer, from our workers and a building’s occupants to the loved ones at home.


Ante Rooms

When it comes to infection control, an anteroom is an essential tool for renovation and maintenance projects in buildings such as hospitals, schools, offices, and other occupied spaces. At PSI, we use skill and care when constructing, maintaining, and monitoring these rooms, allowing us to conduct our services safely and without clients incurring costly shut downs.

We utilize negative air flow between construction areas and occupied spaces as a key safety measure on every PSI project with infection control. We carefully maintain negative airflow through the use of manometers, preventing air and air-born particles from inside the construction zone to reach other areas on location.

Negative Air


Infection control has been a central facet of PSI’s services for decades. Our experience has allowed us to become industry leaders in the area and to improve our services to be effective and tailored for each client. We collaborate with epidemiologists regularly to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.