Our commitment to excellence starts with safety.

Our commitment to excellence starts with safety.


PSI is fully compliant and up-to-date with the state of California's Injury and Illness Prevention program.


Our Director of Safety & General Superintendent work closely on all jobs ensuring that all aspects of the job are aligned with company & client protocols.


We are proud to consistently score a low EMR, or Experience Modifier Rate, proving our job sites are safer than the industry average.

EHS Programs

We have over 60 Environmental Health & Safety Written Programs established for the company, providing a wide variety of programs that cover every scope of work we perform for our clients.

At PSI, no job site is run without our custom high-touch program. This safety program includes daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins between team members and safety officers. In addition to operation meetings and stand-down huddles, our PSI’s safety team runs daily mock OSHA audits and performs weekly, unannounced site safety inspections. PSI’s High Touch Program ensures our touch remains on the pulse!

Our specialized management system connects all facets of site safety in one easy-to-use platform for both our clients and our internal EHS sectors. Managing our entire safety program through this system, we are also able to streamline reporting, quickly identify problem areas, and facilitate an efficient and safe work site.

As part of our commitment to safety, PSI’s superintendents conduct weekly safety tailgate meetings with all employees and subcontractors. In addition to special safety topics, superintendents are encouraged to discuss site-specific hazards and changes. Our safety meetings cover a wide range of topics including goals, safety policies & procedures, and measures to protect long-term health & wellness.

Our Safety Site Officers implement policies that improve the overall safety of our sites and ensure that all safety protocols are followed. They are a key component in PSI’s efforts to reduce the risk of accidents. Our officers work closely with OSHA to ensure that all PSI sites remain up-to-date on safety measures and procedures.

Even during difficult times, we ensure the safety of our workers while maintaining our clients’ timelines. PSI’s Covid-19 Plan is always aligned with CDC and OSHA. PSI took the initiative to ensure our full staff is 100% vaccinated.

In addition to requiring all site workers to wear appropriate PPE, PSI has added the safety step of utilizing fogger sanitizers. All of our foggers are operated by trained professionals using only approved disinfectants.