About the Firm

Since 1959, PSI has been supplying premier contracting services throughout Southern California. We are proud to be 100% employee-owned and to have strong ties with our union. 

Every member of the PSI team is trained, respected, and supported by our firm, making us one of the most successful and reputable interior contractors in the industry. We work in a range of industries and are the first choice for many general contractors and end-user clients.

Core Values

We work on building relationships every day. Our continued business with repeat clients speaks to our ability to develop long-term relationships through partnership, service, and quality.

We aim to work swiftly, but never at the expense of quality. We pride ourselves in offering union labor and our work reflects our skillset.

Integrity is at the forefront of all we do. When confronted with difficult situations we lead with integrity and honesty. To us, integrity means transparency with our trade partners about our costs and timelines.

Loyalty is at the core of our long-term growth. We aim to be a dependable subcontractor who over time can serve as the preferred trade partner.

We are committed to completing all projects on time and on budget. A dedicated project team works diligently to get all projects to the finish line. 

Our commitment to excellence starts with safety. The goal is to have all our tradespeople return to their families at the end of every shift. To ensure this, we have a robust safety program and safety team dedicated to support and empower all jobsites.


PSI delivers exceptional quality and value across their comprehensive construction services.


  • Collaborate with our clients and trade partners to provide consistent and reliable service
  • Develop long term relationships through partnership, service, and quality
  • Provide value through our market sector knowledge and expertise
  • Foster a culture of safety for our people, projects, and trade partners
  • Provide team members with opportunities for sustained professional development, personal growth, and financial prosperity
  • Operate a financially sound, long-lasting business
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Why Union?

Our commitment to providing union labor helps ensure a fair living wage, health benefits, and a retirement plan for our tradespeople while also providing better outcomes for our clients.

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Employee Ownership

PSI proudly offers an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Our qualifying team members are awarded stocks in the company, meaning we all participate in the ownership and success of PSI. Ownership grants the unique opportunity to contribute and benefit from a portion of the company’s profit at every level.

A Culture of Ownership

At PSI, our team members are encouraged to think, act, and perform like owners—because they are! Every employee owner has a vested interest to continuously work to improve company operations and processes in meaningful ways. Ownership helps individuals be mindful about the decisions they make every day and motivates us to seek out and hire other “A” players that can share in responsibilities and goals. Our employee owners know that investing and empowering our team is how we grow as a firm.

Ownership also encourages our teams to strive for 100% customer satisfaction with project results that are on time and on budget. Our projects’ successes depend on everyone on our team. Ownership ensures that we’re all moving in the same direction. 


PSI’s leadership is committed to guiding our company with integrity and an uncompromising commitment to safety and quality. As employee owners, our leaders participate in the collective success of the company and are entrusted with the responsibility of guiding the company and all employees towards long-term success.

We are grateful for the dedication and vision of PSI’s leadership team. 


Builders since our inception

Under the leadership of Rob Bolster and Bill Spencer, a group of talented builders started a company to provide exceptional interior build out services in Atwater Village, California. This group forged the DNA of our company.

Corporate History

In 1959, Pacific Systems Interiors, Inc. (PSI) was founded as a subcontractor specializing in electrical and luminous ceiling systems. With the goal of becoming a premier contractor in Southern California, we began focusing our efforts on wall and ceilings systems. As our clients’ needs grew, so did our capabilities to eventually include demountable partitions, acoustical soundproofing, doors, frames & hardware, and specialties. We also began providing project superintendents and other support personnel to our clients. Being recognized as an expert in cost effective building systems applications, PSI became a valued resource to our clients by providing technical support and consultation on design/build projects.

PSI has completed over $500 million in increasingly complex projects to date. Driven by our core values, we have positioned ourselves as an experienced and reputable contractor in various market sectors, including healthcare, OSHPD, high-end retail, entertainment, aerospace, tenant improvements, and pharmaceutical. We pride ourselves in being a 100% employee-owned company providing unsurpassed quality and service. 

Pacific Luminaire

October 30, 1959

Pacific Luminaire

Formed by a partnership between Rob Bolster and William “Bill” Spencer, the corporation Pacific Luminaire receives its humble beginnings as an Electrical and Specialty Contractor in Atwater Village, CA, that provided maintenance, repair, and installation.

Pacific Building Interiors

July 20, 1976

Pacific Building Interiors

With the desire to more accurately describe the general contractor services that the company has grown to provide, President Bill Spencer forms Pacific Building Interiors (PBI). Within the year, the company surpasses $1M in contract revenue.

Breaking $25 Million in Revenue


Breaking $25 Million in Revenue

As the firm continues to grow, Spencer retires and Dick Giolando, Art Boren and Lee Darling step up as the next wave of leadership. PBI thrives and project revenue exceeds $25 million for the first time in the company's short history. PBI gains momentum with medical, finance and aerospace clientele.

Introducing PSI


Introducing PSI

PSI, led by Jon Miasnik, is formed as a subcontracting entity of carpentry and supervision. PSI is established not just to serve PBI, but also to serve other select GC’s and clients.

American Business Group is Formed


American Business Group is Formed

The company sells 100% of company ownership to newly formed parent company, American Business Group (ABG), a 100% Employee Owned Trust.

New President for PSI


New President for PSI

After 33 years with the company, Jon Miasnik retires from PSI. Javier Alcala, who originally joined the company in March of 1993 as a truck driver, rises through the ranks and becomes President of PSI.

Brand Refresh


Brand Refresh

After twenty years, the company freshens up their brand with a new logo. The letters were designed to graphically communicate the firm’s craftsmanship when it comes to radial metal framing, soffits and wall systems.

Celebrating 60 Years of Business


Celebrating 60 Years of Business

The company celebrates its 60th year—marking the company’s long history in the industry and solidifying its reputation as a steady and reliable firm. The ESOP trust exceeds $30 million dollars in value.