Anthony Calderon has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years. At PSI, Anthony brings decades of experience and know-how to the office of Director of Safety. With beginnings as a fork-lift operator, Anthony has worked diligently to move through the ranks to his current role.

Anthony Calderon first became interested in safety in 1994 while working for a chemical company. He joined the company’s safety committee team and discovered the vast potential for helping others inherent in safety work. Since then he’s been a safety coordinator, supervisor, manager, regional management director, and area operations manager. Now, as Director of Safety, Anthony oversees more than 30 project managers, superintendents, and foreman.

In all aspects of his life, Anthony is committed to helping others. On the job, he utilizes his experiences in the field to make him a better Director of Safety and to understand the needs of the workers he’s tasked to protect. Anthony also helps others in his free time by offering lectures and lessons at his church and through youth outreaches. He informs on topics including life, life values, hardship, family matters, and having a positive outlook on life.

Speaking of positive outlooks, Anthony focuses on making the most of each day, and works diligently to make this a reality not only for himself but also the young people he mentors in and outside the industry. He encourages everyone to find the positive in each day, and he accredits this outlook with his personal success.

Anthony focuses on passion over payouts—and loves working for a company like PSI that shares these common values. When he’s not working or educating, Anthony enjoys fishing and traveling with his family. He resides in Riverside, CA with his fiancé Wendy Lee. He has two children, Amberly and Andrew, one grand-baby named Dreas, and a daughter-in-law, Alyssa. Anthony is very proud of his children, and sees their independence and ability to conquer any obstacle as one of his greatest personal accomplishments.