Javier Alcala

Javier has been with PSI for almost thirty years and in that time has worked every job at the firm.

Although in his youth Javier thought he would go into architecture, after a year in the field, he discovered that he was fascinated by the process of construction and decided to change career paths. In 1993, he joined PSI, where Javier’s first position with the company was as a truck driver.

After a year of delivering materials for PSI, Javier moved into the apprenticeship program. While serving as an apprentice, he learned the roles of a foreman, and quickly appropriated those responsibilities to his skillset. Over the years he mastered each position and opportunity he was given, rising the ranks from Foreman to Superintendent, then to Project Manager and Vice President, ultimately becoming President of PSI in 2013.

Javier attributes his professional ascent to his attitude of progress. He consistently looks for ways to improve, to help the company, and to move forward. According to Javier, “If you’re doing the next job, you’ll end up there.” It was this drive to always do the next thing, and do it well, that put him on the radar of PSI leadership and ultimately landed him in the executive position.

Javier is proud to have had the opportunity to grow at PSI. He credits the mentoring and support from company leadership for his longevity with the company. Throughout his time coming up, Javier appreciated that management and leadership was always fair, setting clear expectations and offering a sense of security. He has made it a goal to maintain these values during his presidency.

Javier enjoys working for PSI in part because of its continued growth. The ESOP encourages every member of the company to be an engaged participant in the company’s success, and Javier is glad that there is always new work to be done to support and strengthen PSI’s success.

In his free time, Javier enjoys working on home improvements. Although he always finds new renovations projects for his house, he guarantees that he will finish it one day. Javier lives with his wife of twenty-five years, and they have two adult children. The couple is actively involved in their church, where Javier serves on the building committee and where his wife is employed.

Dino Romero

Currently serving as Senior Vice President at PSI, Dino Romero has been with the company since 2013. Having worked with the firm as a subcontractor before joining the PSI team, Dino has worked alongside other members of PSI’s leadership for almost two decades.

Dino’s professional career began in sales as a materials vendor, but he quickly moved into construction. Dino was an ownership partner at his last company for thirteen years, subcontracting with PSI, before he decided it was time for a change. At the invitation of PSI leadership, Dino took on a year-long trial with the company and never looked back.

Though the move to PSI required Dino to take a step-back from project management, he recognized that PSI was the right place for him and that it would provide growth opportunities in time. He was proven right, becoming Vice President four years later, and Senior Vice President two years after that. Dino continues to be grateful to his wife and children for their support during the transition to PSI; he confirms that his current success would not have been possible without their sacrifice.

Dino also credits the PSI team, its leadership and clients for his growth at the company. Dino is proud to have been able to give back to PSI since taking on the position of Vice President. During his tenure, PSI has succeeded at several new initiatives including updates to their software, expanded training, mentorship, and opportunities for attracting new clients. Dino also helps spear-head new divisions at PSI.

According to Dino, his driving force is to strive for excellence and continual growth. As a son of an immigrant, Dino observed his father’s hard work and the challenges he faced, which taught Dino to never take work ethic and sacrifice for granted.

In his free time, Dino enjoys learning to play electric guitar and rebuilding his classic truck. He is also an avid record collector. He resides in Orange County living his best “girl dad” life with two daughters and his beautiful wife of more than twenty-four years.

Alex Jimenez

Alex says he was “born into construction.” With over twenty years in the industry and at PSI, Alex has made a life of it as well, and is proud to serve as PSI’s General Superintendent.

Alex’s father was a roofing contractor, and Alex began following in his father’s footsteps at an early age. In his formative years, Alex was often left in charge of projects, which heavily contributed to his drive to grow and succeed. He joined the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America in 2000 as an apprentice, and received his first job at PSI. Alex has been with the company ever since, progressing his career through commitment and dedication. Alex eventually became a foreman and then quickly moved to become a job-site superintendent. In 2017, Alex took on the role of PSI’s General Superintendent.

Alex began working on construction projects in hospitals and healthcare environments on behalf of PSI when he was still an apprentice. In the world of hospital construction, Alex saw that there was a great need for experienced project supervisors, and he began training others to run projects similar to his own. He is proud to say that, today, 90% of PSI’s superintendents come from the field, and many of them have started their careers with PSI. Alex’s understanding of the healthcare field, his leadership, and his experience with field staff made him a natural choice for General Superintendent.

With PSI, Alex has had the opportunity to grow his career, and he takes great joy in helping others pursue similar success. “For people who want it, there is always an opportunity to grow,” Alex says. In addition to experience and training offered by the firm, Alex points to the company’s collaboration with their union as a formative part of his career. He learned professionalism and leadership early in life through PSI and the union and credits the two with his accelerated career growth.

In his free time, Alex enjoys building classic cars and spending time with his family. He lives in Chino, CA with his wife of twenty years and two of his children; he has one adult daughter. On the topic of his professional and personal success, Alex confirms that he is very happy with his place in the company.

Anthony Calderon

Anthony Calderon has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years. At PSI, Anthony brings decades of experience and know-how to the office of Director of Safety. With beginnings as a fork-lift operator, Anthony has worked diligently to move through the ranks to his current role.

Anthony Calderon first became interested in safety in 1994 while working for a chemical company. He joined the company’s safety committee team and discovered the vast potential for helping others inherent in safety work. Since then he’s been a safety coordinator, supervisor, manager, regional management director, and area operations manager. Now, as Director of Safety, Anthony oversees more than 30 project managers, superintendents, and foreman.

In all aspects of his life, Anthony is committed to helping others. On the job, he utilizes his experiences in the field to make him a better Director of Safety and to understand the needs of the workers he’s tasked to protect. Anthony also helps others in his free time by offering lectures and lessons at his church and through youth outreaches. He informs on topics including life, life values, hardship, family matters, and having a positive outlook on life.

Speaking of positive outlooks, Anthony focuses on making the most of each day, and works diligently to make this a reality not only for himself but also the young people he mentors in and outside the industry. He encourages everyone to find the positive in each day, and he accredits this outlook with his personal success.

Anthony focuses on passion over payouts—and loves working for a company like PSI that shares these common values. When he’s not working or educating, Anthony enjoys fishing and traveling with his family. He resides in Riverside, CA with his fiancé Wendy Lee. He has two children, Amberly and Andrew, one grand-baby named Dreas, and a daughter-in-law, Alyssa. Anthony is very proud of his children, and sees their independence and ability to conquer any obstacle as one of his greatest personal accomplishments.